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Happy smiling faces, hampshire natural family photographer.

This session was an absolute dream, I adored every moment I spent with this lovely family. This is my 2nd time I have done a family session for the Campbell family, it's so lovely seeing the children grow up, and what a gorgeous little pair they are! The family sessions I have done so far (when allowed) throughout this pandemic have been amazing, full of energy, love and laughter, I think it only goes to prove that it really has brought us all closer together and the children clearly love being outdoors doing something different with a lady who likes to be silly behind the camera.

I think sometimes parents can feel a bit apprehensive about family shoots, worried the children might not cooperate and worried themselves about being in front of the camera. I promise you if you book with me it will be a painless experience, full of fun and a handful of techniques to get those big beaming natural smiles out of your children that you will adore for a lifetime.

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